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Ornamental Fence Installation Uxbridge MA

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Ornamental fence installation can add both beauty and security to a home or commercial property. Ornamental fences are available in a variety of styles to complement almost any kind of architecture from contemporary to traditional. They also come in an array of colors. The popularity of ornamental fence installation continues to rise as property owners want to add personality to their spaces.

Why Choose Ornamental Fence Installation Uxbridge MA?

For savvy homeowners who need a fence to be practical and attractive, ornamental fencing is an excellent choice. Because of the metals used in ornamental fencing, you’ll be able to create dramatic curb appeal while also ensuring that whoever needs to stay inside (kids and pets) does. The right fencing can also be a deterrent for anyone who should not be on your property.

Ornamental Fence Materials

Aluminum and iron ore are two materials that are used heavily in ornamental fencing. Aluminum fencing is known to be virtually maintenance-free, which many homeowners appreciate. Aluminum fencing is pre-finished so there’s no concern about painting it. There are many types of aluminum used in fencing, with some being more cost-effective while others are more robust.

For heavy usage, iron ore may be the better option. Iron is a heavy-duty metal that rarely is compromised by wear and tear. Iron fencing can be pre-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, each of which can be painted or powder-coated for long-term durability and to prevent rusting.

Styles of Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing can be customized to fit your style. When most people think of ornamental fencing, they imagine simple, plain horizontal rails and basic vertical pickets or stiles. The picket can actually extend beyond the top rail and be crowned with an arrowhead-shaped finial. Another popular style is to have shorter pickets without finials. You can also choose from design elements such as arched picket arrangements, geometric ornaments, or scrollwork.

There are also more contemporary styles that are less ornate than those described above. These fences have clean horizontal and vertical lines with simple picket layouts.

Selecting an Ornamental Fence Installer Near Uxbridge MA

If you have decided to have an ornamental fence installed on your land, you’ll need to find a reliable, knowledgeable company to turn your vision into a reality.

The team at The American Fence Company has over 20 years of fencing experience. We take pride in craftsmanship and ensuring that every ornamental fence installation exceeds our customers’ expectations. To get started on your ornamental fence project, contact us today to discuss options and pricing. We look forward to installing an ornamental fence that will add both elegance and security to your property.

Ornamental Fence Installation
Ornamental Fence Installation
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